GCSE Summer Course

Experts in Personalised Learning

Our 10-hours GCSE curses are arranged in two 5-hour revision sessions in designed to improve the pupils’ understanding of the exam topics as well as familiarise them with the test form and the types of questions provided in the form. Participation in the course helps directly to solidify student’s knowledge and confidence right before the exam.

Our courses can cover any of the major GCSE subjects (in particular English and Mathematics). Upon booking a course, please notify us which subjects and topics you would like us to cover, so we can prepare a tailored revisions session that best addresses your child’s individual needs and requirements.

What will be included in the course?

The course starts with revision of past exam papers to show pupils the types of questions they will encounter. Then we discuss techniques of approaching every type of questions included in the exam forms. From there, we proceed with reviewing the material and conclude with tips and advice on successfully tackling the questions and passing the exam.

Please see costs below.

Build Confidence

Teaching pupils how to tackle specific exam style questions with confidence.

Boost Grades

Helping your child improve their grades by a minimum of 2 levels.

Better understanding

Solidifying knowledge and filling in the gaps before the exam.

*Call us know to book your place or book online. Limited spaces available! *

Course Schedule

The Booster day will start at 9AM and finish at 3PM. There will be a 45 Minute lunch break in between the day. Please provide a packed lunch for your child. Juice, water, fresh fruit and snacks will be provided through out the day by EDS Education. Feedback will be available at the end of each day so you have a thorough understanding of what your child learnt. Educational games and activities are an integral part of the course so that your child enjoys their lessons and remain engaged throughout.