Personalised Lessons Improve Self Confidence

Science is a particularly important and challenging subject. Understanding this, our friendly and enthusiastic science tutors can provide high quality teaching in Physics, chemistry and Biology and help your child discover that science is not only fascinating, but also fun.

To all our students, whether in Key Stages 2 or 3 or in preparation for the GCSE in Science, we offer tailored Science tuition that will allow them to excel at this challenging yet rewarding subject.

As EDS Education aims to provide unique learning experience to every student based on their individual predispositions and needs, we can provide tuition with special focus on each of the Science main components (Physics, Biology, Chemistry), as well as relevant tuition schemes for pupils preparing for Double Science and Triple Science exams.

Tuition will also involve practice with past exam papers and revision booklets in order to properly familiarise your child with question types and exam terminology. We encourage pupils to ask questions and bring any difficulties to the attention of our staff. Our science tutors are on hand at the end of the lesson to provide feedback to parents, to answer questions and keep you up to date with your child’s progress.

We cover all the main exam boards including AQA, Edexcel and OCR, being able to prepare your children for any exams they might be facing at school.

Let us Help your Child Conquer their Fears and Discover their Potential

  • 1:4 Tutor vs Student ratio
  • Personalised and Targeted lessons
  • Regular assessments
  • Constant feedback

How do our current members feel?

“Over the last 6 months with you we have seen our son soar through his academic work and has a new-found self-belief. His confidence has improved as well which has really benefited his academic work. Thank you for all your hard work.”

Local Parent

“EDS Education Tuition Centre has increased my confidence with Maths and English and I am now able to answer any questions to the best of my ability. It has been extremely helpful.”

Year 11 Student

“The level of teaching my daughter received at EDS Tuition Centre is fantastic. I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member, the standard of the teaching and the resources. I have found their support so valuable during the 11plus exam. I am so delighted my daughter got into the grammar school! Thank you!”

Local Parent

“EDS Education tuition is a very helpful education centre. The tutors are very experienced and always help you whenever you need it. They give you work according to your ability and don’t give you anything you can’t do.”

Year 10 Student

“Thank you so much for helping my daughter with her 11+ exam! It was great to see her being tutored by people who had themselves sat the exam before.”

Local Parent

“I came in to EDS Education centre with a D in maths and the tutor, Sahil, helped me over the year to push my grade all the way up to a B. I had gone to many other tuition centres before this and not one of them was as good as EDS. Thank you so much for all the help Sir!”

Year 10 Student

"Thank you so much for helping me achieve the best I could. I am so grateful for everything you have done. Thanks to you I got A grades in both English Literature and English Language."

Year 11 Student

“Really happy with my Science tuition. EDS Education Tuition Centre helped raise my projected grade of 5 to an 8 for my double Science.”

Year 11 Student

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